Organic Cosmetics : « natural » ? « organic » ? « plant based »?
Confused ?!?..... you should be !

A frenzy of "natural products" has recently seized the world of beauty, and unfortunately
bewildered the consumer. To make informed decisions, we have to know what each brand
offers, and only when there is an official seal of approval from independent organisations, that
guaratee authenticity, commitment, & use of organic products can we do this & make the
right choices.
Cilaos gives you that guarantee on every count.

A Natural Commitment: The Origins of our Ingredients

By looking at the ingredients, our consumers can easily identify the ‘ natural’ route, with the
use of the original names in latin, natural oils, and floral waters. It is when there are
ingredients like petrol derivatives, artificial perfumes or colors, that the buyer should ‘beware’
if you are serious about your choice of a "natural" product.

Organic & Beyond….. Our Commitment

To go further than what is officially required..... Cilaos insists that:
· Our products contain no less than 99% of ingredients from natural origins.
· 95% of which are certified organic ( on the total ingredients authorized as being organic.)

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