Enveloping & Protecting our body, the skin also reflects our emotions and daily responses to the
world we live in. It breathes, fights daily aggressions, responds & changes according to our energy
To keep your skin healthy , you must follow the basics :

1-Purify & Cleanse

This first step gently eliminates the accumulation of daily wear & tear( dust, pollution, make-up...)
& prepares the skin to be spoilt!

2-Moisturize & Nurture

The skin is constantly bombarded by the elements ( sun, cold, heat, & wind...) Now we need to
moisturize & coindition the epidermis, maintaining the elaciscity & function of the skin, protecting,
& giving oxygen. A cosmetic treatment must above all, maintain and effectively moisturize the
skin. Active ingredients,such as vitamines, minerals & micro-elements, allow for the immediate
stimulation of the defence system, leading to the re-generation of cells.


To complement your daily beauty regime, we ensure optimal protection against the daily ravages
of the sun’s rays, enemy number 1 for the skin.Choose day creams with anti UV filters &
protection,to combat one of the major problems of aging.

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