Univers of Cilaos

Those who once stopped on the Reunion island, as well as the inhabitants of this region of the Indian Ocean know it. Cilaos is the name of a circus and its thermal village situated in the heart of the island.

Its geographical position, history of its relief and of its population let some people say that this place would be the soul of La Reunion.

Through the valuation of an exceptional natural wealth, respectful values of the people and the environment, and research of the highest quality, , it is a universe of luxuriance, well-being and know-how that we wanted to concentrate in the CILAOS range of Organic cosmetic .

Our Philosophy: Results, Safety, Commitment, Indulgence...

Working within a strict framework, we closely follow the development of each of the Cilaos
beauty treatments. To conform, each cream must meet 4 criteria : Safety, Ease &
Satisfaction of Use, PLUS a real benefit for the user in terms of both human and
environmental. Our laboratories are committed ethically to a responsible process , and we
work with partners & sub-contractors who are environmentally approved.

A Complete Organic Range

With the multitude of lables and ‘approved’ beauty products, from ‘natural plant extracts’ to
‘organic’, we take pride in the fact that ALL Cilaos products have received one of the strictest
European labels to date. This label specifically guarantees that no ingredient used is a
derivative of petrol ( mineral oils, parabens, PEG, silicone, phenoxyethanol ) and no artificial
perfumes or colors are used in the composition of our products.

The Question of Fair – Trade

Fair –Trade has been for us, a way of life for over 10 years & that is why we insist that the
Cilaos brand reflects our values on every aspect.

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