Our Nature

Our Garden : A Green Sanctuary

The Bourbon Islands.....Madagascar...Seychelles...Kenya...The
French Islands .....Tanzania ....Mascareignes ...Mozambique ...Zanzibar...exotic names , but
also our domain. They , & they alone provide a backdrop of biodiversity that is exceptionel in
the World, & studied by botanists World wide. We can number no less than 600 vegetal
species on the Reunion Islands alone, making it comparable with the sactuaries of Hawaii or
the Galapagos Islands.
A number of important plants, are now known for their properties, including Aloe Vera,
Karitie, Sesame , Jojoba and Coton amoung others. Therefore our presence in the heart of
the Indian Ocean, guarantees us not only quality but a priviliged access to these rare

Minerals & Oligo Elements : A Life Source

Our bodies do not produce minerals & oligo elements, but these necessary components
constitute the essential family for metabolism & tissue re-generation.
A lack of these elements will have an immediate effect on the fragile balance of our
connecting tissues. That is why it is necessary to bring from another source the necessary
minerals needed for the natural defences & effective functioning of your skin.
Thanks to the dense mineralization, bicarbonate of soda in the water at Cilaos, & the
vitamines & minerals in our plants, we are able to satisfy this need.

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